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The Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group (ESAG) is one of UAE’s most eminent family businesses with 27 companies in its portfolio. With a history dating back to 1960, the Group is partnered by leading brands in various areas of enterprise across wide ranging industry and consumer sectors. Beginning in its early years as an exclusive trading partner for well-known consumer brands such as Grundig and Siemens, ESAG today is a diversified conglomerate with businesses in retail, building and construction, industrial and real estate. The Group’s institutional strengths, value-added products and services hold the key to its successful business relationships with partners and customers.

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Easa Al Gurg

Easa Al Gurg is the Group CEO of Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group (ESAG). Under his leadership the Group continues to focus on organic expansion while delivering innovative turnkey solutions to iconic projects across all industry sectors.

Known for his strong work ethic, Easa is a proponent of empowerment and accountability. He believes a challenging task enhances motivation, while a monotonous one stifles the drive to perform well. He is a synergist who likes to connect and strategize, taking into consideration diverse perspectives that both unify and energize all stakeholders within the business.

Easa has been instrumental in charting the business roadmap for the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Commercial and Industrial Group during his tenure as CEO. Leveraging many long-standing partnerships and highly skilled leadership teams, he prioritized key components of growth to include innovation in customer engagement, a strong sense of ownership among employees as well as agility and adaptability to varying market requirements.

Taking on the role of Group CEO from May 2021, Easa will continue to advocate performance management and positive leadership that focuses on sustainable revenue and profitability, while further strengthening the core expertise of a diverse conglomerate such as ESAG, enabling growth beyond existing areas of operation and territories.

A young leader from the third generation of the family, Easa joined ESAG in August 2010 as the General Manager of Scientechnic, the Group’s flagship company. Prior to that he worked with Siemens LLC as an Assistant Manager in the Accounting & Finance department. 

Easa is also a Board Member of the Al Gurg Charity Foundation which was set up by royal decree in October 2010. The Foundation assists in establishing and supporting charity housing projects, orphanages, elderly homes and academic institutions besides providing study and research grants to students, as well as support for medical treatment to those in need.

An avid reader, he enjoys autobiographies and historical books. His favourite book on business strategies, is ‘Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...and Others Don't’ by Jim Collins. Playing chess with strong opponents is another passion besides cycling which is a part of his regular fitness routine.  


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