Blood Donation

ESAG blood donation drive garners enthusiastic response

A request from the Dubai Blood Bank for donations to support the blood transfusion needs of patients’ results in at least two blood donation drives every year within the Group. The events which take place at the Learning and Development Centre receive wholehearted support from staff across the various divisions. The campaign is conducted by the Group Business Excellence and Corporate Communications Department in coordination with the Latifa Hospital. The blood donation drive is organised to support patients suffering from thalassemia and other life-threatening ailments.

The last blood donation drive collected 67 units of blood potentially saving 234 lives. The response of both first time donors as well as regular contributors is extremely encouraging. This noble gesture assists in life-saving transfusions at the Latifa Hospital.

The blood donation drive is part of ESAG’s annual corporate social responsibility programme which is committed to contribute to the welfare of the community through an active agenda of social initiatives.