Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Power in full steam at breast cancer awareness day. 

Balloons, fairy lights and colourful attire, pink power was totally apparent, as ESAG ladies came together in large numbers to mark breast cancer awareness month. The event which was organized by the Group Business Excellence and Corporate Communications department and Prime Medical Centre at the Learning & Development Centre was the mix of learning and fun. Muna Al Gurg, Director Retail, ESAG and also a Pink Caravan ambassador, started the proceedings with a frank talk about the importance of women doing as self exam to ensure early detection. Muna is associated with the Pink Caravan since its inception.

This was followed by a detailed presentation on the disease by a female physician. Participants were encouraged to voice their doubts and concerns about breast cancer and were also educated on the importance of self examination and early detection. Pink Caravan also had helpful tips for ladies on what to check during a self-exam and the warning signs that would be apparent.

Many of the participants were examined by the doctor on site. There were special pink sweet treats for all guests. The attendees also had an opportunity to receive some free pampering from Nail Spa experts besides posing for photographs at iboothME attired in pink wigs, hats and sunglasses.

Pink Power helped generate awareness on breast cancer and also encourage ESAG ladies to keep a regular check on possible symptoms. Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer mortality, accounting for 16% of cancer deaths in adult women. There is sufficient evidence to show that mammography screening could reduce mortality from breast cancer by 15–25%.