Diabetes Awareness

Comprehensive wellness at Diabetes Awareness event

Staff from across the group attended the annual Diabetes Awareness event conducted by the Group Business Excellence and Corporate Communications department. The programme began with Expert advice on Healthy living, Fitness and Obesity from Dr Chandy of Balance Wellbeing centre which was followed by a three course healthy cooking demonstration by expert Italian chefs from Cooking@Home.

The team from Prime Medical Centre conducted the blood pressure, blood sugar and BMI tests. This was followed up by a session of Healing Meditation for the Body & Mind. The session provided an introduction into workings of the mind, how disorders and diseases (including Diabetes) develop; methods and techniques that can be used to heal the body and mind.

The Gong Meditation Session was the concluding event for the day. Gong meditation is considered one of the most deeply healing and restorative meditations, because of the deep state of relaxation that is attained in response to the sound vibration.

The overall programme provided attendees with a comprehensive insight on a healthy lifestyle, importance of weight control and methods to relieve stress which is a key contributor in monitoring overall health.