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The Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group (ESAG) is one of UAE’s most eminent family businesses with 27 companies in its portfolio. With a history dating back to 1960, the Group is partnered by leading brands in various areas of enterprise across wide ranging industry and consumer sectors. Beginning in its early years as an exclusive trading partner for well-known consumer brands such as Grundig and Siemens, ESAG today is a diversified conglomerate with businesses in retail, building and construction, industrial and real estate. The Group’s institutional strengths, value-added products and services hold the key to its successful business relationships with partners and customers.

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Featured article - Bridging distances global collaboration is key to finding collective solutions by Dr Raja Al Gurg

Featured article - Bridging distances global collaboration is key to finding collective solutions by Dr Raja Al Gurg

As a united world, we continue to show resilience and strength in the face of life changing events. The UAE has successfully ushered a new era of sustainable development and prosperity targets creating fresh avenues of international cooperation and partnership through Expo 2020, and most recently during the annual World Government Summit; by leading global discussions covering a number of issues through collaboration, innovation and cooperation.

Such events play a vital role in creating dialogue across borders. Recently, I participated in the World Dubai Forum hosted by Dubai Business Women Council. This event was a platform for pioneers, community leaders and visionaries who are looking to shape a brighter future for the world. The forum covered a broad range of important topics; from mental health and green energy through to crypto, city infrastructure and more.

Further resources and efforts will be needed to meet the challenges of prospering in a global economy, keeping up with technological changes, funding health care and reducing social and economic inequality. The world needs a unified front to tackle these challenges and transform them into opportunities to enhance people’s lives.

The recently concluded World Government Summit ably demonstrates that a focussed approach to collaboration could be a driver for sustainable growth in a world facing natural and geopolitical crises at the same time. The emphasis of such discussions is to empower a global ecosystem of changemakers and reach a united goal of creating a brighter outlook as we attempt to pave the way for a fairer future economy.

Although at times greater focus is placed on the financial obligations and the economics of progressive change, I am a strong believer in bringing together thought leaders from across the spectrum – from business leaders to creatives - for a discussion which will unite minds and find new paths to evolve our systems, ideas and mind sets.

As business leaders we must work to create an environment for a fairer economy that can allow creative minds to achieve their visions and goals. It is crucial that individuals have platforms to feel inspired, and this is specifically important for the female workforce as well. Through events like Expo 2020, the World Government Summit and the World Dubai Forum, we can enable change in a world where boundaries are no longer in place to hinder progress.

Countering environmental degradation, pandemics and overuse of natural resources to name but a few – will require a new way of navigating our relationships with each other and the ecosystems we depend upon. We need to find a new approach that will allow us to adapt in the short term and reverse the decline in the longer term.

The underlying truth is that despite diversity of the global challenges, these share one important characteristic: they cannot begin to be solved without collaboration.


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