For over fifty one years, the Investments division has developed an impressive investment portfolio, helping to establish the ESAG group as a multifaceted business conglomerate. Our prudent approach towards identifying and investing in select opportunities has delivered consistent performance.

Since, 1960 the Group has invested in more than 30 companies and ten Joint Ventures across various industries in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Well-established Government ties, strong liquidity for expansion and a substantial resource pool combined with the capabilities of our entrepreneurial management teams, places us in an excellent position to pursue future opportunities. The investment philosophy is driven by ethical practice and professional management which reflects in all our business partnerships.

ESAG’s investment approach is anchored within UAE and the GCC region focussing on varied business sectors and transaction structures. Our investment team helps portfolio companies in developing new strategies, sustainable cash flow, joint purchasing and creating cross selling programmes.

The team is focused on creating value through growth and operational improvement and incorporates this into the investment philosophy at both the pre and post-investment stages. The Group adopts a long term approach on investments, while incorporating the latest technologies and exploring dynamic business avenues.

We aim to invest growth capital in companies which meet the following fundamental criteria:

  • Exceptional management using best practices
  • Sustainable growth and cash flows
  • Brands with strong prospects for expansion
  • Strong distribution network
  • Value Added services & products
  • Businesses with pricing power

We invest strategically in a diverse portfolio, with the potential for superior returns. The Investment Division’s objective is to protect stake holder interest for the long term; maximising investment opportunities and capitalising on optimised management of revenue streams.