When you join ESAG, you become a part of diverse teams that work together as one to deliver value to our customers. Our people make all the difference by scaling new heights through their commitment, ideas, and excellence. Together, we transform while pushing ourselves to do better each day.

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Career Opportunities

If you would like to be a part of an ever expanding Group, explore career channels within our four main verticals


People Practices

Together, we transform while inspiring ourselves to do better each day

Career Development

Ready to take your career to the next level? We empower and encourage you to create your own career path. Whether you are in the early stages of your career or looking to move on to the next big role; at ESAG you can stay true to yourself and develop your individual career path.

Emiratisation Programme

The development of human capital is the global currency of 21st century economies. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Campus to Corporate

Take your first step into the corporate world and look to build on a promising career? ESAG is a perfect steppingstone. Our campus to corporate journey strengthens functional skills and develops soft skills through training, on the job mentoring and feedback. We enable transitioning your knowledge from campus into your career at ESAG.

Leadership Development

At ESAG, Leadership development is multifaceted and aims to cultivate individuals holistically, rather than simply expanding their tactical abilities. The cornerstone of this process is self-awareness, which is the first step in helping leaders identify and maximize their full potential. Through a personalized, immersive, and feedback-intensive learning experience, leaders are empowered to embark on a transformative journey. The goal is to enable leaders to establish a clear, purposeful path for themselves and their teams, thereby driving growth and success at all levels of the organization.

Blue-Collar Programmes
Skill Enhancement & Certifications

Our Functional & Technical certification programs are intended for anyone wishing to develop their knowledge and skills in core business areas. Team members are encouraged to identify competency gaps and create individual learning plans. These certifications are for both white- and blue-collar colleagues.

ESAG Learning Zone
Learning Opportunities

We believe in fostering an environment where continuous learning, growth and resilience are paramount. With a multitude of learning opportunities that cater to a wide range of learning needs and preferences, employees are equipped with the right knowledge and skills. This enables them to be more effective, innovative, and empowered to drive results.

Child Education
Educational Support Allowance

Raising a child can be financially taxing and education plays a crucial role in creating his or her future.

Rewards & Recognition

Life at ESAG is rewarding and packed with opportunities to learn, take on exciting challenges, connect with colleagues not just within your entity but also with other business divisions within ESAG. Moments of Recognition and Engagement (MORE) is an umbrella program for employee engagement, recognition, and rewards.

People of ESAG

People of ESAG shines the spotlight on interesting talents of our team members


Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in creating an environment where women can perform to their full potential. Our focus is to ensure they successfully navigate various life events, and also expand their access to career succession paths they want to pursue.

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Health & Wellness

Activities like fitness programs, health & wellness webinars, yoga sessions, sports competitions, discounted gym memberships support our wellness goals.


Enaya, an ongoing wellness programme provides our employees access to a safe space to express their thoughts, as well as receive assistance and clarity on personal and professional challenges that impact their wellbeing. These programs include regular health checkups onsite, expert talks, mindfulness webinars and more.

Fitness & Wellness Programme
Fitness & Wellness Programme

Employees are encouraged to participate in the wellness programs offered periodically through Enaya and ESAG Wellness. Activities like fitness programs, health & wellness webinars, yoga sessions, sports competitions, discounted gym memberships support our wellness goals.

Wellness Lounge
Wellness Lounge

We have various facilities within our Entity premises where employees can relax, unwind and connect. A Nursing Room at the Corporate Office has positively impacted daily routines of new mothers within the Group. They can also avail of nursing breaks for 18 months post maternity leave.


We value diversity, integrity and promote inclusivity. Ready to push your boundaries and excel?