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Founded in 1960, by H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg, KCVO, CBE, the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group LLC (ESAG), is a multidivisional conglomerate with 27 companies. The Group has a range of diverse product and business interests that predominantly include retail, building and construction, industrial and joint ventures. With an active presence throughout UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq; its reach stretches across Asia, Middle East, and African continent, parts of America, Australia and New Zealand.

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Mac Al Gurg LLC

  • Mac Al Gurg LLC

    Al Ittihad (Dubai-Sharjah) Road

    P.O. Box 672, Dubai

    United Arab Emirates

  • Established:    1975

    Phone:    +971 4 266 1291

    Fax:    +971 4 269 1067

    Web: algurg.com

Mac Al Gurg has been serving the building and construction industry for more than 30 years. With a comprehensive and readily available prod­uct range, Mac Al Gurg offers drainage solutions, municipal castings, sanitary ware, bathroom ac­cessories and high end kitchen solutions for residential commercial and healthcare projects.

Also on the portfolio is SieMatic which provides high quality bespoke kitchens from Germany. SieMatic introduced the world’s first handle less kitchen in 1960 and sells in all major markets in the world. The brand compliments the range of building and sanitary products.

Mac Al Gurg delivers value-added products procured from lead­ing European brands for major projects in the UAE. To ensure continuous growth Mac Al Gurg follows a policy of expansion and development. This includes addition of new products and suppliers thereby renewing interest in the product offering on a regular basis. A team of qualified and trained sales professionals service strategic business units and customers providing personalized assistance at all times. Mac Al Gurg operates from various locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and also in the neighbouring Sultanate of Oman serving the needs of its diverse customer base.


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